”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

grow your skills & your business

I know that starting and growing your photography business is far from easy. And once it's off the ground, keeping it all in balance can seem just as hard.

I am here to help you learn and grow your skills and your business. I've always found that when I decided to invest in my own development, I reached a new level in my work – and that's what I want for you too!

I will help you to find the key to success and set you up with the tools needed to smoothly run your photography business. I've made mistakes over the years and learned from them, navigated through struggles and figured out how to do all of this my way. And now I want to share all that I've learned with you! My mentoring sessions are designed to inspire you and to accelerate your journey. I can help to look at things from a new perspective and to find your own path to reach your goals.

Make your time with your clients matter and give them a gift of seeing themselves from the outside: the reality of how special and unique they truly are!

Education for photographers

mentoring options

1 : 1 mentoring day

Spend a day with me at the studio to get into all the details of your work and how to run a successful photography business! What we do during that day exactly depends entirely where you are at in your journey, but typically we cover the following topics:

mentoring options

a 7-hour intensive dive into your business

All you need to bring is your camera, laptop and yourself! While we shoot together, I share all the tricks I know, filling you in on how to make the session as comfortable as possible for you and your clients. Our practice session is your choice: newborn, maternity, motherhood or family. And of course you are free to use all images taken during the day for your portfolio too!

INvestment: 2.500€ (+TAX)

2hr mentoring call / meeting

I will help you where you need help right now. Ask me anything during these two hours or pick 1-2 topics that you want to master and we will focus on them entirely. 

Our topics could include for example editing + lighting or how I use assistance during the shooting process – (help with posing clients, finding angles, setting the equipment, etc), how I structure my customer service to truly focus on the clients, etc.

Whatever you feel is holding you back from reaching that next level, let me help you work through it! Together we will find solutions that will work for your unique style.

Ideal when you need a fresh perspective or help with a specific problem!

INvestment: 600€ (+TAX)

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